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Sony F-800 Package

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SONY F-800

The PDW-F800 builds on the features of the PDW-700 by providing excellent picture quality by adapting Power HAD HD CCDs (1920×1080). It offers numerous innovative features like Slow Shutter, Interval Recording and Built-in Multi Format Converter function, with downconversion from HD to SD, upconversion from SD to HD, and cross conversion between 1080 and 720 supported in playback mode. The PDW-F800 is equipped with the Trigger REC function that enables synchronized recording with PDW-F1600 and PDW-F75 XDCAM decks or HDCAM portable decks connected via the HD-SDI interface – a convenient feature for backup recording. It also supports i.LINK interface for File Access Mode.

Three 2/3-inch type Power HAD® FX CCDs
Wide choice of recording modes: including 23.98P format recording and playback as standard
MPEG HD422 codec – 1920 x 1080 and 1280 x 720 recording
Enhanced Slow & Quick Motion (over & under crank shooting): 23.98P: 1P to 48P in 1P increments (24x-quick to 1/2x-slow motion); 25P: 1P to 50P in 1P increments (25x-quick to 1/2x-slow motion); 29.97P: 1P to 59.94P in 1P increments (30x-quick to 1/2x-slow motion)
Image Inverter for use with cinema lens adaptors
High quality four-channel 24-bit audio recording
Variety of gamma settings including HypeGamma and UserGamma
Proxy Data recording on USB memory
Automatic Lens Aberration Compensation
Focus Assist bar graph display on viewfinder
Dual-layer (50GB, PFD50DLA) and single-layer (23.3GB, PFD23A) Professional Disc media support

Sony F-800 Package comes with:

(4) XDCAM Discs
(4) V-mount batteries
(1) 4 position batt charger
(1) 17” HD Client Monitor with 25’ BNC Cable
(1) Fluid Head
(1) Heavy Duty Standard Tripod