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Arri Alexa Package

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By combining proprietary ARRI technology with best-of-class tools, ALEXA stands alone as the most complete and powerful digital production system ever built. It is compact, well-balanced & light weight and offers ultra-fast workflows and the image quality of 35mm film. The ARRI ALEXA is designed to function as both a motion picture and broadcast camera.

Film-like, organic look
High Dynamic Range
    14+ stops exposure latitude over the entire EI range as measured with the ARRI Dynamic Range Test Chart
    extended, clean highlights
   extremely low noise floor
    holds up extremely well when over or underexposed
   future proof for High Dynamic Range (HDR) displays
Sharp, natural images for HD, 2K, 4K UHD or 4K Cine deliverables
High sensitivity
    true base sensitivity of EI 800
    adjustable from EI 160 to EI 3200
ARRI color science
    natural color reproduction, especially for skin tones
    excellent color separation
   great at resolving mixed color temperature sources
Multiple in-camera recording options
    ARRIRAW (1, 2), ProRes or DNxHD
    Log C or Rec 709 gamma
    ARRI Look Files for custom looks
    embedded rich metadata in all file formats
    uncompressed, unencrypted raw sensor data
   16:9 or 4:3 sensor modes (3)
    greatest image quality from ALEXA
    greatest flexibility in post
   best option for future-proof archiving
Apple ProRes
   ProRes 422, 422 HQ, 4444 and 4444 XQ (2)
    HD or 2K recording resolutions, 16:9 or 4:3 sensor modes (1, 3)
    pre-recording (1)
    native Final Cut Pro X support
    DNxHD 145, DNxHD 220x and DNxHD 444 (1)
    MXF wrapped files (SMPTE standard compliant)
    native Avid Media Composer support
Two independent HD-SDI outputs
    optional ARRI Look Files for custom looks
    streaming metadata
    180° image rotation for Steadicam low mode
Online tools and downloadable apps

Arri Alexa Package comes with:

1) Arri Alexa Camera Body (Hi-Speed) (1) Arri EVF-1 Viewfinder
(1) Wedge Adapter
(1) Viewfinder Mounting Bracket
(1) Bridge Plate Adapter
(1) Viewfinder Extension Bracket
(1) Handle Extension Block
(1) Viewfinder Cable –Short
(1) Viewfinder Cable – Medium
(1) Shoulder Pad
(2) 10 ft 2 –pin Fischer to 3 Pin XLR
(1) Center Camera Handle
(1) Arri SD Card (2Gb)
(1) Alexa Ethernet Cable
(5) Sony SxS Pro Card (32Gb)
(1) Alexa 12v Accessory Cable
(1) 7” On-Board Monitor
(1) 24V Breakout Box
(4) 190Wh V-Lock Batteries
(1) 4 Position V-Lock Battery Charger
(1) 24V AC Adapter
(1) 17” HD Client Monitor with 25’ BNC Cable
(1) Sony SXS Card Reader
(1) Fluid Head
(1) Heavy Duty Standard Tripod
(1) Heavy Duty Baby Tripod
(1) Hi-Hat
(1) Low Hat